Heat Pumps: Your Best Bet for a Smart, Affordable Heating and Cooling System

This year, you’d want to save money on your heating expenses, but you don’t want to deal with propane or natural gas. 

No problem! Heat pumps could help you do just that. 

Heat pumps are an excellent option for heating your home and provide comfort and efficiency without the need to burn fuel or rely on fossil fuels. Consequently, they can help lower your carbon footprint by up to 40%! 

Compared with other HVAC systems, heat pumps have been shown to use less energy while maintaining greater comfort levels. This also means that they have a lower operating cost in both the short-term and long-term compared to other systems—including furnaces and boilers! 

The best part? You don’t have to change anything about how your current system works because they work in tandem with it. Northern Clean Energy can handle all your heat pump installation needs.

How Do Heat Pumps Work and How To Choose the Right One

Heat pumps work by transferring heat from one place to another, typically from the air outside your house to inside. They use a fan and a metal coil of tubing filled with a coolant fluid that connects an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. 

When the coolant fluid goes through the coil, it absorbs the heat from outdoors then releases that stored energy within your home, which is absorbed by air or floors. 

The biggest advantage of using a heat pump is that they are cheaper than other heating systems. 

But, in terms of installation, not all heat pumps are created equal. Generally, heat pumps are considerably more expensive to install than air conditioners. That’s because they require a lot more ductwork and electrical work than other types of HVAC systems. 

Due to the difference in installation among heat pumps, it’s critical to pick your system wisely. Here are three easy steps for choosing your next heat pump:


  1. Figure out how much square footage you need to heat and cool
  2. Find a reputable installer in your area
  3. Do some research on the type of heat pump that will work best for your space.

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When choosing a heat pump system that works for you, location matters; for instance, the climate you live in will affect the type of system to pick. Generally, colder climates require freeze protection and constant fan operation. Warmer regions, on the other hand, don’t have as much freeze risk; hence they can get by with less expensive systems. 

The same goes for the way your home is situated. Your heat pump system will work best if it’s installed on the south side of your house, out of direct sunlight. It could mean increasing the number of units you need to cool and heat your home, depending on how it’s laid out. 

Also, consider how much money you have to spend on energy bills when purchasing a heat pump system. A high-efficiency window and insulation will make the most out of your investment, while less efficient homes may require more powerful units that cost them in the long-run costs. 

The space you need to heat and cool is a big factor in choosing your ideal system. Smaller homes will need less powerful units that can handle one or two rooms, while larger houses should have higher capacity systems that can heat and cool multiple rooms at once. 

Your current heating system (gas, electric, oil) also matters. Electric resistance or hydronic heating systems are best paired with electric-driven units, whereas gas-driven systems are most compatible with gas-driven units.

Installing A Heat Pump System Is Easy!

There are many steps to installing a heat pump system, which you should consult with an expert before starting. That said, there are some basic tips and tricks that can help you minimize any hassle during installation. 

  1. Digging the trenches for the piping can be hard work. Renting a trencher makes it easy. The channels should be as deep as the frost line for your area. 
  1. You may need to bring electrical wiring into your home, either by running it through an existing vent or using exterior wiring. Ask your contractor about this before you start any digging/building. 
  1. Keep the entire system free of debris and dirt at all times (taking off the cover when in use or allowing leaves to pile up nearby are common mistakes) 
  1. Regularly change the filters and ensure there’s nothing blocking airflow into or out of the unit. 

The most crucial part is ensuring there’s an open window or door to allow the heat pump to ventilate properly. If you don’t have at least one of these, your contractor will have to install an exhaust hose so that the heat pump can release hot air somewhere safely.

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