Radiant Floor Heating: The Perfect Solution for Your Home and BUSINESS

In today’s world, one of the biggest challenges is to make your home energy efficient. Most homeowners try to reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy bills. 

Installing radiant flooring is a great way to do both! It’s an effective and affordable solution for your home or building. With radiant floor heating, you can have comfort, efficiency, convenience, and savings in every room in your house! 

Radiant floor heating systems are easy to install with minimal disruption in living spaces, making them quick and simple for you. What’s more, they’re guaranteed to bring down your monthly energy bill by up to 40%. Once you’ve experienced how much better life can be with radiant heated floors, there’s never going back! 

But what exactly is radiant heating?

Radiant Floor Heating and How It Works

Radiant floor heating is a powerful, efficient, and eco-friendly way to heat your home. Radiant heating uses energy from the sun, geothermal sources, or electrical power to transfer warmth through radiation into objects in its path. 

These heating systems are installed under tiles, carpets, or wood floors. Radiant heat is always available for immediate use, so it’s perfect for warming your feet on the cold floor in the morning! 

You may find more modern versions of radiant heating in new homes already built up beneath insulation or drywall. These systems are often very efficient with their use of energy laterally and staying cool during heatwaves.

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Why Choose Radiant Heating Over Other Forms of Heating

Radiant heating is the perfect solution for your home and building because of all the benefits it offers. The benefits are so many—no wonder it has become such a popular form of heating. 

So, what are some of these benefits?

Affordable option

Radiant heating costs less compared to conventional systems. Generally, it is a more cost-efficient solution than forced-air heating systems, especially in larger living spaces.  The system is efficient because it transfers energy directly into your room, making them less expensive to operate than other heating methods.

Effective Heating Solution

Radiant heat transfer can effectively distribute warmth through the entire room without investing in complex ducting and blowers required for other types of central heating. What’s more, there’s less lost energy due to heat transfer than most heating systems.

Easy To Install

The heating systems are simple to install with minimal disruption in your living spaces. You can install Radiant floor heating almost anywhere in your home or building. It comes in various radiant panels and mats that you can install under tile, wood, or stone surfaces without too much hassle.

Eco-friendly and Safe

Radiant floor heating is more environmentally friendly. Radiant floors do not produce any harmful emissions, toxic gas, or byproducts that could potentially harm our environment and ecosystems, including air, water, and soil. Besides, radiant heating is safe- there are no open flames or hot air ducts, so there’s a little fire risk and no danger of burns as well.

Aesthetically appealing

Plus, radiant flooring has become popular for its designer looks and feel. You may find radiant heating in luxury homes, in pools, spas, offices-everywhere people want to relax!


Radiant heating is very comfortable. It is a gentle yet effective means of warming up your room, unlike forced-air heating systems that blow around dust and other airborne debris.

Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Your Radiant Floor System

If you’re looking to increase your home’s thermal efficiency, improve indoor air quality, reduce noise and drafts while increasing the comfort of the occupants, the radiant heating system is ideal for you. 

However, with the various options available to choose from, it’s hard to know which is the best radiant floor system for your needs. So, what factors should you consider? 

Well, not all heating systems are created equal. Some will only warm the air in the room, while others will provide full-body warmth throughout your home. 

Thus, the best way to decide which system is suitable for you is by learning more about each type of system available on the market today. You then can determine if any of them fits into your budget or lifestyle needs. 

Generally, there are two different radiant heat systems; electric and hydronic (high-temperature hot water).

1. Electric Radiant Heat Systems

These are the most common radiant heating systems used in homes today. Electric radiant heat systems work by warming objects, including people and pets. 

You can hide the system panels inside your floors, walls, or ceilings. As a result, they are commonly used in bathrooms where high humidity is present. 

Typically, electric radiant heat is less expensive than other types of systems. However, you may have to contend with their noise. But always consider installing wall mount electric radiant panels, which generate less noise than ceiling suspended panels.

2. Hydronic Radiant Surface Heating System

Radiant floor heating is a hydronic system. It uses high-temperature water to provide heat through pipes installed on the floors of homes and buildings. It provides full-body warmth throughout your entire home. 

If you want instant, quiet and comfortable heating, Radiant Floor Heating can keep you warm every day all year long with no noise, dust, or dirt and is safe for your family and pets.

How To Install a Radiant Floor System

Radiant heating is easy to install. So even if you’re not a do-it-yourselfer, installing a radiant floor system will only take about one weekend. 

The best way to install a radiant floor heating system is with the radiant kit, which comes in boards. These boards fit together and create a seamless surface that allows water to flow underneath it while providing comfort for those walking on top. 

Usually, there are multiple ways to install a radiant heat system throughout your home. There’s no single ideal method because every individual has different needs to be considered.

The Main Steps to Installing a Radiant Heating System

  • Mark where you want the Radiant tubing to go on top of subflooring using a chalk line. 
  • Remove any existing floor covering, insulation, and vapour barrier if one is installed underneath. Then make sure the soundboards and plywood are in place. 
  • Bend Radiant tubing and secure it into grooves that are on top of the boards. 
  • Connect Radiant heating tubing to manifolds according to manufacturer’s instructions. 
  • Install controls, floor sensors (if necessary), and thermostats for Radiant system installation. 
  • Lastly, add insulation around Radiant tubes before covering the Radiant tubing with flooring.

Radiant Heating System Upgrades

They are great ways to increase the comfort of your home while improving its resale value. Radiators spaced throughout a given space will provide the most supplemental warmth attained by letting warm air rise. Different baseboard types allow an up-flow installation that distributes heated air uniformly along walls and under floors.

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