If you live in a colder climate, you know how hard it can be to stay warm. You might turn up the heater to keep your home cozy, but that’s not always effective, and it can be costly!

However, an infrared radiant tube heater efficiently combats wintertime coldness without sacrificing safety or comfort. These heaters heat quickly and evenly throughout their coverage area, meaning no more cold spots on the floor or walls!

This heating system works great as supplemental heating for larger spaces, including, workspaces, and workshops.

Let’s have a closer look at the Infrared Radiant Tube Heater for a better understanding and how Northern Clean Energy can help.

What Is Infrared Radiant Tube Heating?

Infrared radiant tube heaters are a form of radiant heating that emits infrared rays to heat objects, surfaces, and even people. Infrared radiant tube heaters work using electrically resistive elements (like carbon fiber) with an outside covering of insulation like quartz glass.

Infrared radiation is invisible light with wavelengths shorter than microwaves. It can be used to heat large objects, surfaces, and even people. Its radiation gets emitted from the Infrared tube heater element located on the outside of the housing, which then heats the object or surface that it is placed near to.

What Is Radiant Tube Heating Used For?

Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters have many uses that make them a great option for all sorts of businesses. Here are some of the places Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters are used:

    • Warehouses: Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters can be used in warehouses to keep workers warm during those colder months. This also helps reduce the need for employees to wear coats or climb into a hot vehicle before going home.
    • Fitness Centers: Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters are a great way to keep fitness centers warm during the winter without wasting energy heating the whole building. Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters also have health benefits for those who work out in them regularly.
    • Farms: Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters are perfect for farmers looking to heat their greenhouses or barns. It provides the heat needed to keep the crops warm throughout the winter. Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters are also great for livestock who need a comfortable place to stay warm, especially in areas with below-freezing temperatures during the winter months.
    • Restaurants: Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters are perfect for restaurants that need additional heat but don’t want to spend too much money heating an entire building or do not have a lot of space to install a furnace or boiler.

    Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters are an affordable way to heat your farm without dealing with extremely high electric bills. Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters are also safe for these animals to stay around as they don’t emit harmful gases into the air.

    Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters are also great for kitchens that need additional heat from time to time when cooking delicious meals. Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters make food preparation much easier and keep the kitchen nice and warm without overheating it.

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    Where Can Radiant Tube Heating Be Used?

    You can use Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters in a wide variety of locations. They work well inside buildings, warehouses, factories, schools, hospitals, and nursing homes too! It is a highly efficient and economical technique to heat your building or commercial space.

    Features of Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters

    Because infrared heaters come in so many varieties, it isn’t easy to make generalizations about them. The fuel/energy source is the first thing to consider. Electric, natural gas, or propane-powered infrared heaters are available.

    If you’re interested in an electric one, make sure to look at the voltage and Hz utilized. The heat output and maximum working temperatures of various heaters vary. Timer features are also available on some heaters.

    Filter controls, wheels, weight, a fan, a thermostat, and even the color are included in the list of features. It’s important to understand the way something is designed matters. On the top of a heat-generating element, you’ll usually find a cover made of copper, iron, steel, or brass.

    The benefits of using Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters include:

    • Infrared radiant tube heaters are cheap and efficient.
    • They are the most energy-efficient form of heating, typically costing 20% less than traditional gas or electric ovens.
    • Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters are cheap because they don’t need any form of power other than that required to run the fan or blower.
    • Infrared radiant tube heaters produce 97% of the energy they use as heat. The rest is converted into electricity for the fan or blower, making it cheaper than other power sources.
    • The heaters are safe to keep around your kids because it doesn’t emit any flames or hot surfaces.
    • Infrared radiant tube heaters don’t need any ventilation or chimneys, either.
    • You can install infrared radiant tube heaters in various places such as warehouses, factories, restaurants, schools, etc.

    Different Kinds of Available Products

    There are several kinds of infrared heaters that produce different amounts of heat and use different types of energy. To determine which heater is ideal for you, decide how and what it will be used for in your business.

    1. Infrared Infusion Infra-Cables

    This product uses electric resistance heating with a quartz infrared emitter. It produces radiant heat via Infrared Infusion. Infrared Infusion Infra-Cables are used for heating and powering signs, displays, work stations, water pumps, air compressors, and more.

    2. Radiant Tube Infrared Heaters

    This product uses electric resistance heating with a high-efficiency quartz infrared emitter. It produces radiant heat via Radiant Tube Infrared Heating. Radiant Tube Infrared Heaters are used in shipping and receiving areas, warehouses, stockrooms, garages, basements, and more.

    3. Radiant Ceiling Infrared Heaters

    This product uses electric resistance heating with a high-efficiency quartz infrared emitter. Radiant Ceiling Infrared Heaters are used in call centers, server rooms, bathrooms, hallways, and more.

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